Memories! If we were to define memories, they are nothing but a faculty of encoding, storing, and retrieving information. As we age, our cognitive abilities start to decline and that’s what happens with our memory; at the initial stage, we tend to forget a few things and then some important events of our life. Strange right? The car ride you enjoyed once driving at a high speed with your loved one, has now changed into a forgotten memory; the route, the face of your loved one and also you don’t remember where you kept the keys of your car.
This story of a Memory Game revolves around Ashok Garware, who is found unconscious by Zarapkar a police officer and suffers from memory loss. His wife, Resham, takes advantage of his condition, revealing their strained relationship and her desire for a divorce. However, the situation becomes complicated when Ashok’s girlfriend contacts the police, and Ashok refuses to recognize her or his wife. The inspector handling the case becomes suspicious and seeks the help of his wife, a psychiatrist, to determine if Ashok is genuinely suffering from amnesia or faking it. The story raises questions about trust and deception, and the unexpected twists and turns make for a gripping mystery thriller with a touch of comedy.

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